Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy outlines the principles of practices that we uphold in delivering the highest quality of information for the benefits of the country, and its various cultural, ethnic and religious entities.

Integrity is our driving force, as it is a founding principle of our Media organization. We maintain the balance of an individual’s right to privacy with our obligation to cover stories. We believe that newspaper reporting should be at the highest level of accountability and responsibility in order to deliver accurate and impartial stories to readers.

We recognize the fact that in carrying out this onerous task, the highest possible level of professionalism should be maintained, guided by unrestricted display of veracity, toil and a vision of unhindered contributions to credible human development agenda.

We take the responsibility to look at news independently and not driven by the agendas and interests of pressure groups, political parties or governments. We do not aim to please and divert attention and we do not permit any individual, be it corporate or groups to influence our editorial coverage.

We recognize, respect and adhere to the ethical conduct acknowledged by both our industry and the reading public. We adhere to good journalistic principles and maintain both individual and collective responsibility that upholds these principles throughout our media organization.

We believe that modern newspaper reporting should utilize available technological and intellectual resources and should be able to face the huge challenge of operating with the highest level of vigilance, display professional inventiveness, maintain esteem moral principles, and respect the law of the land.

We recognize, respect and adhere to high level of ethical conduct as acceptable to our industry and readerships alike.

We have instituted clear and non-ambiguous practices to uphold our core principles, as enshrined in our code of conduct, which is expected across our editorial and support staff, as well as in the core operations of our direct and remote partners.

We take the responsibility to look at news independently and wholly, and ensure that they are not covertly driven by interests of individuals, agendas of business entities, ethnic and pressure groups, public and individual agitators, political entities, religious groups or Governments, hence subscribe to a promise not to be under any pressure to do a favour to any individual, commercial entity or interest group.

Members of our team shall not allow their personal interests and opinions to influence the quality and quantity of the products and services being delivered.

The Royal Times’ style and content is positive and creative, truthful and relevant as our journalism lay out why a story is significant and in what way a story is new.

As a private entity, we ensure that all our customers receive good value for the product they subscribe by delivering excellent information of significant benefit to immediate and future needs in all relevant endeavours of their socio-economic activities.

We will always deliver excellent and diverse entertainment products with high content of cultural and moral values as key components of our products. We recognize the need to respect diversity in age groups, and promote gender parity.

Our staff and correspondents, all over the Country and beyond who have subscribed to our policy, work as necessary with team of experts and specialists to ensure that we are not astray in portraying information across all geographic areas and such information are technically acceptable for consumption of professional groups as well as for the continued promotion of a peaceful and dynamic Country, environmental protection, and in the interest of the present and future generations.

Our readers are citizens who have the right to independent and impartial information.

We are for a better tomorrow.


The Publisher,

Royal Times Newspaper.