Pet is a dream of both children and grown-ups. Everyone wants to have a little friend, look after it, and take pleasure in its funny antics. But in fact, pets can bring not only fun and joy. They require a proper care and treatment, i.e., responsibility, otherwise you risk not to get that pleasant result, which you was expected for by keeping a pet. The bigger the pet is, the more responsibility it requires.2

Let’s start with the simplest – an aquarium. Yes, the fish can also be your pet. In addition, frogs, snails and other aquatic inhabitants also can live in pretty aquarium – everything depends on your own wish.

So, what are the advantages of funny fish?

1) The aquarium is a beautiful home decoration, if it is correctly installed and fits into any interior.

2) Fish have a relaxing effect on the person. Every time after coming home tired after work, sit for half an hour near the aquarium, and you will rest mentally and will not feel so tired. Besides, the fish calm nerves.

3) Fish do not make abnormal noise. In fact, they do not make any noise at all and do not require a lot of food. Besides, there’s no need to carry them to the vet and make them vaccinated.3

After having a quick look through the basic benefits of an aquarium in your home, it is the right time to remember about the disadvantages of owning a home acquarium.

1) Many kinds of ornamental fish are very sensitive to changes in temperature, so you will need all the time to watch the temperature, even though there might be an appropriate equipment available.

2) The larger the aquarium is, the harder it is to wash (clean). Whatever aquarium you buy, sooner or later you will have to look after it, otherwise it will become not attractive. Remember that the fish feed and excrete the wastes. In addition, often the aquatic plants begin to grow on the walls of aquariums, covering the inner wall of your aquarium with a dense green layer, which also does not make it more attractive.

3) It is impossible to pet fish and to hold it in the hands for a long time. And even if you try, you will not get any positive experience.

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